Mosquitoes in the “Endless City”: understanding how urbanisation will influence vector populations

Project Description

We live in an increasingly urban society, with over half the world’s human population now living in cities. The studies in this PhD will assist in predicting the influence of further urbanisation on mosquito populations and in understanding their interactions with humans and animals. This is of interest in predicting the future probability and impact of vector-borne viruses entering and persisting in the UK. You will work with our experienced team of field and laboratory-based scientists to define a specific area of interest. Your studies could, for example, encompass subjects as diverse as investigating the genetics of mosquito populations and how this influences responses to changes in the environment through to wide-scale surveys to understand factors that might influence future policy decisions in response to virus incursions. To fully exploit the potential of this project will require multidisciplinary approaches so we are happy to receive applications from candidates both within and outside the biological sciences.
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