Find attached the latest agenda of our Biopesticides Europe 2016 summit, which will takes place in Barcelona, Spain on the 8th-9th of June 2016.

This event is organized in conjunction with Novozymes BioAg, Bi-PA, DOW Agrosciences IBERICA, Bayer CropScience, Agrobest, BioConsortia or BioBest amongst the others.

It’s a two day event which pays attention to: Microbial, Biochemical pest control, Plant Incorporated Protectant (PIPs)

Below are the key topics:

  • Policies  and regulation environment: government support for biopesticides development – Rudiger Hauschild, Director & Head of Biopesticides, GAB Consulting GmbH

-Achieving integrated pest management strategy (IPM) - Dr. Nayem Hassan, Head of R&D RUSSELL IPM

-New product discovery and development path - Sandro Frati- BI-PA

-Registration of biopesticides - Mark Briggs, EXPONENT INTERNATIONAL

-Mergers & Acquisitions in crop protection industry - Dean Thome, Director of Global Business -NOVOZYMES BIO AG

-The Role Of Bioconttrol In Sustainable Agriculture -  Herman Van Mellaert, Director, Business development-BIOBEST NL

-Innovative technology for crop pest control - Dr. Minshad Ansari- MD , BIONEMA LIMITED

  • The Role of Biocontrol in Sustainable Agriculture – Herman Van  Mellaert, Director Business development 
  • Mycopesticides in Africa: the challenges and opportunities – Belina Luke, Head of Biopesticides. CABI
  • Achieving integrated pest management strategy – Guido Sterk, Researcher, IPM Impact
  • Botanicals can replace many synthetic pesticides – Kari Tiilikkala, Prof. of Plant Health Research. Luke, Natural Resource Institute Finland
  • Isagro’s R&D Success story- Soil Borne diseases – David Cambri 


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